Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Charleston has its share of many wonderful tour operators, including carriage and bus tours. Those are certainly a nice way to see some sights, but I’m obviously partial to walking tours. When I travel and have a chance to take a walking tour in a new or even familiar city, I enjoy a chance to see sights in a more intimate way which walking tours can provide.

Walking tours also allow for more flexibility and definitely better photo opportunities. Taking a guided tour, especially early in your trip, will expose you to the general highlights, significant buildings and interesting and notable Charlestonians. It’s also a good opportunity to ask questions and hear recommendations on how best to spend your time.

Group walking tours typically take around 2 hours and are $25 per person. If you would like a private and more customized tour, please contact Liane.

Here are a few tours offered

Women of Charleston

Since Charleston’s earliest days, many women have left a lasting legacy both in the Charleston area as well as on the national scene.

“I trust my last days will be spent there between the Ashley and Cooper rivers, where most Charlestonians never doubt, the Atlantic Ocean begins.”

– Septima Poinsett Clark

If These Walls Could Talk

Charleston has no shortage of beautiful and historic homes and public buildings; this tour provides a glimpse of some of the fascinating stories that took place behind the front door.

“Charleston is one of the best built, handsomest, and most agreeable cities that I have ever seen.”

– Marquis de Lafayette

Literary & Artistic Charlestonians

Discover some literary and artistic Charlestonians, as well as Charleston’s place in film and literature.

“Come quickly, have found heaven.”

– Artist Alfred Hutty in a wire to his wife upon discovering Charleston